Webinar: How to get co-creation right in mental health research

Event poster

Join us on 15 May 2024, Wednesday at 10AM (CEST) for an interactive discussion about co-creation in mental health research. This event is part of the European Mental Health Week celebration happening from 13-19 May 2024. 

About the webinar

Undeniably, co-creation approaches in mental health research are needed to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and what is actually happening in people’s lives. But how is co-creation applied in current research practices and in different settings? How do Horizon Europe projects ensure that the design and implementation of their co-creation processes benefit their co-creators as much as it benefit them? And what learnings and best practices should these big projects apply moving forward?  

Jointly organised by 7 huge EU Horizon Europe projects on ‘Mental Health in Times of Change’, this webinar will delve into fresh and first-hand experiences involving practitioners and people with lived experience as co-researchers/ co-creators. Specifically, the discussion will center on the context of mental health interventions for various European populations. This webinar aims to provide a platform to explore both advantages and challenges that co-creators face, and the ways by which we can overcome these barriers.   


Moderator and Panelists

Moderator: Liuska Sanna, Head of Operations, Mental Health Europe

  • ADVANCE: Claudia de Freitas, Institute of Public Health, University of Porto
  • SMILE: Mel McKendrick, Heriot-Watt University
  • MentbestArlinda Cerga Pashoja, St Marys University
  • Reconnected: Karthrin Schopf, Ruhr University Bochum
  • ASP-Belong: Kate Woodcock, University of Birmingham
  • BootStRaP: Celia Sales, University of Porto
  • Improva: Rodrigo Antunes Lima, Sant Joan de Déu

About the European Mental Health Week

Every May, European Mental Health Week brings together a diverse array of participants from across Europe, including young people, families, caregivers, mental health advocates, representatives from both the private and public sectors, our members, care professionals, human rights experts, EU-level policymakers, national governments, and numerous other supporters who rally behind this annual event. Read about the celebration here

EU emblemThis webinar is an initiative of 7 big EU Horizon Europe projects under boosting mental health in Europe in times of change (HORIZON-HLTH-2022-STAYHLTH-01-01-two-stage)namely ADVANCE, ASP-belong, Boostrap, Improva, Mentbest, Reconnected, and SMILE.  This is the first of a 4-year joint-webinar project with the aim to provide synergy among like-minded mental health research serving Europe and beyond.